The Norfolk Junior Cup

Rules 2018

  1. Teams eliminated in the first round shall automatically be entered into the Norfolk Junior Cup(NJC) Competition.{Providing they complete their Hunts County(HC) Cup first round by the designated date 24th May.
  2. If a preliminary round is required then the losing team will go into the NJC first round if they win they progress to the HC first round but if they lose HC first round they will be entered into NJC first round.
  3. The HC Cup is open to all clubs but limited to one team per club.
  4. A match shall consist of 16 eight ball overs.
  5. No bowler may bowl more than 4 overs.
    1. If the scores are level, the side that has lost fewer wickets shall be deemed the winners.
    2. If the number of wickets lost is equal then the team with the superior run rate, after the first four overs completed, shall be deemed the winner.
    3. If these measures still fail to produce a result then any agreed number of bowlers from each side shall bowl alternately at a full wicket. Each side will bowl a minimum of 6 balls and the side that breaks the wicket the largest amount of times shall be deemed the winner.
    4. Rule 6c, May apply when rain or bad light prevents the start of the game or causes normal play to cease and only if no other date can be agreed in the time allocated.
    5. Fixtures not completed in the allocated dates for each round will be subject to the following procedure. One of the clubs concerned will be asked to concede in order that the remaining club may go through to the next round. If this is not mutually agreed between the clubs then the HC/NJC ORGANISER will draw the club to go through to the next round.
  6. The finals of both competitions will be played on the 13th September at Sprowston C.C. In the case of bad weather we have 20th September as a reserve date at Sprowston C.C.
  7. Neutral umpires will be appointed to officiate to both finals.
  8. Neutral umpires will be appointed to semi-finals, if requested and paid for by the clubs involved.
  9. Closing date for entries is 28th March.
  10. In the event of a dispute, the HC/NJC Cup organiser must be notified in writing /email within 5 days of the dispute and her decision on that dispute shall be final.
  11. The entrance fee for the competition is £12. Participating clubs will pay the entrance fee before the start of the competition to qualify their entry into the draw.
  12. All matches will start no later than 6.00pm. A reduced break between innings will be limited to 5 minutes, after 5 minutes then the 90 second time out count will start (all fielders must be in their fielding positions). Any club unwilling to start by 6.00pm shall forfeit the toss.
  13. There shall be a 90 second time limit from the fall of a wicket to the new batsman facing, should the new batsman not be ready to take guard after 90 seconds (fielding team must be in position ready to bowl), then new batsman shall be given out timed out, this is to be timed by the umpires in charge of the innings, however fielders & spectators are welcomed to help count this 90 second time limit.
  14. Should weather conditions delay the start or interrupt a match already under-way, then the captains shall mutually agree to play a restricted match of no less than 8 overs per innings. If match is rained off then a new date for the completion of the fixture may be agreed,providing it is played before the period allocated to the next round.
  15. Preliminary rounds (if required) will be completed by 3rd May.
    1st round of the Hunts County to be completed by 24th May.
    1st round of the Norfolk Junior cup and 2nd round of HC to be completed by 21st June.
    2nd round of the NJC and the 3rd round of HC to be completed by 19th July.
  16. The semi-finals of both cup competition to be completed by 16th August.
  17. Clubs drawn first will be the home club and will provide a choice of 4 dates for their opponents for the appropriate round within the nominated period (as declared by rule 16).
  18. Should the away side be unwilling to play on any of the proposed dates, they will be eliminated from the HC cup competition and will not be eligible to continue in the NJC.
  19. The Organiser shall be informed of all mutually agreed match dates by the home club prior to the fixture. Failure to do so may result in the elimination of that club preferably by email or telephone.
  20. Match results and score details will be reported by the WINNING CLUB to the ORGANISER within 24 HOURS following the end of the match, by telephone or by email. Failure to do so will automatically eliminate that club (the losing club in these circumstances will not replace “that club” but will proceed into the NJC, if appropriate).
  21. With the exception of inclement weather causing a match to be cancelled, no club may cancel a fixture. If there are difficulties, they should be brought to the attention of the organiser.
  22. Entry forms,with fee, will be accepted up to and including 29th March. The Draw will be published by 7th April.
  23. Any point not covered by these rules shall be governed by the LAWS OF CRICKET and Disciplinary code of the Norfolk Cricket Board.

All other rules relevant to this competition are covered by the Rules of the Mid-Norfolk Sunday Cricket League
Norfolk Junior Cup - Quarter Final draw
(Matches must be completed by 15th July 2018)

Home Away
Great Ellingham-v-Topcroft
Snettisham Royals-v-Swaffham